It’s Your Right to Have The Most Dental Options Possible!
Henry Ford used to say, “People can have our Model T Ford in any color they want…as long as it’s black.”

We think that’s no way to run either a car company or a dental practice!

We pride ourselves on giving you the most options possible for your particular needs. After all, there are few things more attached to our personality, comfort, and health than our teeth.

We invite you to tour the following pages to see some of the choices that might work for you.

How Dentures Compare to Three Other Alternatives
It’s likely that no one has told you about the variety of options you have for replacing missing teeth besides dentures. We fit clients with dentures all the time (and you’ll see some amazing ones in the next section). But we want to make sure you know that your options may be much wider than you thought. You can explore your options on this page.

Dr. Nicholas Method Dentures – In a Class by Themselves
Just as you can buzz through a fast-food drive-through lane, or you can dine at the Ritz, there are cheap dentures and then there are Dr. Nicholas Method Swiss Dentures. These cosmetic dentures are so good, they even fool other dentists!

A Picture Can Be Worth a Thousand Words
…And Do We Ever Have Pictures!

It’s helpful to talk about the Dr. Nicholas Method of dentistry. But it can be even more helpful to see actual examples with before and after photos.

Please tour our gallery of smiles to see for yourself.

A Great Smile and Great Health Go Together
Did you ever stop to think about just how important a great smile is? It means you have sound dental health, and that’s a big part of your overall health. Here are just some of the benefits of that great smile you’ll soon have.

The Good News Is You Have Options
We pride ourselves on giving our clients the most options possible. For instance, let’s say you need a lot of restoration work done. When other dentists may tell you, “Sorry, there’s nothing I can do,” we would describe up to four different choices for dental implants, shown here.

Your Dental Health Is Worth the Investment
Sure, there are cheap, mass-produced solutions out there. Every profession has a lowest-cost supplier. But is that what you really want for your own health?

Questions & Answers
You have questions? That’s good! It’s the sign of a careful and prudent consumer. Click here to view some of the most commonly asked questions, and their answers.

Yes to Pampering, NO to Pain!
Pain? Forget it!

In the 21st century, there’s just no reason why you need to experience pain with your dental procedures. At least that’s true at my office! I’ve spared no expense to bring you state-of-the-art dental comfort technology. That means faster procedures, more accurate and effective ones, and your comfort the entire time.

Want to See Your New Smile Ahead of Time?
We work closely with artisans who use computers instead of paintbrushes to perform their magic. They enable us to show you what your new smile will look like even before it happens! For more information on our free, no-obligation Smile Imaging Service, please contact my office today.

You’ll Enjoy Your Trip to Palm Desert 
Because so many clients from across the US and other countries travel to see Dr. Anne Nicholas at her dental office in Palm Desert, California, we know how to be good hosts!