If you are interested in using dental implants to replace your missing teeth, it is necessary to have sufficient bone density and structure in order to support the implant. This ensures that the implant is a stable restoration for your smile. For patients who do not have enough bone, our knowledgeable dentist may recommend a bone graft in Palm Desert, California. Bone grafts involve adding additional bone structure to your existing bone. Bone graft material can come from your own bone, or we can use freeze-dried human bone from a tissue bank. Both types of material can be used successfully to enhance your bone structure and provide an appropriate foundation for a dental implant. The ideal choice, however, is to use your own bone. Dr. Anne Nicholas will help you determine if using your own bone is the best choice for you and whether it is a good option for your individual dental needs and health condition. For more information about bone grafting and implant dentistry, we welcome you to contact our friendly dental team today. We are eager to answer your questions and help you improve your smile!