Pretty quickly, dentists get to know the reputation of other dentists. You may be interested in what many professionals around the country have to say about Dr. Anne Nicholas, our skilled dentist in Palm Desert, California.

“One of the best thing I have ever done…  It is like having your own teeth.”

—Brenda Bole

“It was very comforting to me that Dr. Nicholas had another professionalist to do the bridge work.”

—Shepard King

“it was sort of a breeze actually… This was a piece of cake.”

—Charlie Bogue

“I think Dr. Nicholas is tops around here. She does what she promises.”

—Zelma Anderson

“Zero pain! I never had to take one pain pill.”

—Wally Lamb

“Now I can eat anything and everything…it’s wonderful.”

—Coseta Bone

“These are so natural you don’t even know they are not your own. You don’t feel any difference… It feels like my own teeth.”

—Barbara Manzione

“Dr. Nicholas was concerned about me to the point where when I was home in the evening she called to find out how I was doing.”

—Anita Griffith

“Both Dr. Nicholas and her associates are the best there are… I’ve never had teeth feel so good.”


“I think my mom looks 10 years younger.”


“They absolutely feel like my teeth… You forget you have implants.”


“My background is dentistry… I was most impressed with Dr. Nicholas.”


“They feel like your own teeth, thats a big difference.”