Gingival & Pedicle Procedures

Our experienced dentist, Dr. Anne Nicholas, and her team at our office provide a number of gingival and pedicle procedures. To learn about pedicle and gingival treatment in Palm Desert, California and the other services we offer, we welcome you to read below and contact our dental practice today. We are committed to meeting all of your dental needs.

Gingival Flap Surgery

Gingival flap surgery is a procedure in which the gums are separated from the teeth and folded back temporarily to allow a dentist to reach the root of the tooth and the bone. Gingival flap surgery is used to treat moderate or advanced periodontal pockets when non-surgical treatment such as scaling and root planning has not eliminated the gum infection. Gingival flap surgery can also be done in conjunction with osseous (bone) surgery.

Gingival Graft

A gingival graft is a periodontal surgical procedure where gum tissue is attached to cover an area of exposed tooth root surface. Gingival grafts are performed to prevent of further root exposure, decrease tooth sensitivity, decrease cavities, and for aesthetic purposes.

Free Gingival Graft

A free gingival graft is a surgical dental procedure where a layer of tissue is taken from the palate of the mouth and relocated to an area where there is exposed tooth root. The graft will protect the exposed root. This procedure is often used to increase the thickness of areas of thin gum tissue.

Pedicle Graft

A pedicle graft is a surgical dental procedure where a layer of tissue is taken from an area adjacent to the damaged gum. The transplant tissue is cut away and rotated over the damaged area. This procedure carries some risk, since the donor area can result in gum recession as well.