Dental Implants: Replacement Tooth Roots
The part of your natural tooth that is visible is the “crown.” Your tooth root is embedded in your jawbone, giving the tooth a stable foundation that allows you to bite and chew.

A dental implant is a substitute, or replacement tooth root, which provides a stable foundation for a replacement crown. The bone forms a biological bond with the new root (implant), giving your new crown the same stable foundation as a natural tooth.

Dental implants allow replacement of the entire missing tooth, which was never before possible. Implant-supported replacement teeth look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

The relationship between the tooth roots and bone maintains the integrity of facial structures. The bone holds the roots in place and the roots hold the bone in place. When teeth are missing, the bone that previously supported the teeth has no function and starts to melt away, or resorb.

The impact of deteriorating bone from complete tooth loss includes collapsed facial profiles, lost lip support, increased wrinkles around the mouth, and the appearance of a pointed nose and chin that are too close together.

To discover how we can improve your bone structure and make dental implants in Palm Desert, California a better option for restoring your smile, we welcome you to contact our dental office soon. Dr. Anne Nicholas, our skilled dentist, looks forward to giving you a reason to smile again!