1. Do you take my insurance?

2. Is a powered toothbrush better than a traditional toothbrush?

3. How does tobacco use affect the health of my gums?

4. Why should I have fluoride treatments?

5. What is gum disease?

6. How can I have gum disease when nothing hurts?

7. If I have periodontal disease, why do I need to see my dentist more often?

8. Why does my medical history matter in a dental office?

9. Does gum disease really cause heart problems?

10. Does being a diabetic put me at a higher risk of getting gum disease?

11. What is the relationship between pregnancy and periodontal disease?

12. How much will this treatment cost? Will this treatment hurt?

13. What is sedation and how will it affect me?

14. Will restoring my teeth give me more confidence?

15. Is a bridge or an implant a better option to replace my tooth?

16. How can I not have enough bone in my mouth to get implants?

17. When adding bone to my mouth, is it better to use my own bone or bone from a bone bank?

18. Why is gum recession a problem?

19. Will my replacement teeth be comfortable?

20. What can be done to fix gum recession?

21. What is Zoom bleaching, and do I qualify to have it done?

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