Our State-of-the-Art Technology and Treatment Give You the Smile That Can Last a Lifetime

Dr. Anne Nicholas and her team of specialists want you to have a positive and successful dental experience at our office. This is why we proudly offer a state-of-the-art dental center that provides high-tech and personalized equipment and treatments. First, we make sure your appointment is as comfortable as possible. We believe that with the… Read more »

Gingivitis and Periodontitis: What You Need to Know About the Stages of Gum Disease

Gum disease is a dangerous dental issue that can attack your smile and cause serious consequences. It’s a disease that has two stages. The first stage is gingivitis. Gingivitis is the earlier, milder form of gum disease. It develops when you fail to remove plaque from your teeth on a regular basis. When this happens,… Read more »

How to Properly Prepare for Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implants are sturdy and reliable replacement teeth that can give you the precise bite and beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted. Implant dentistry can improve your oral health and help you eat, speak and smile with confidence. If you’re preparing to enhance your smile and improve your oral health with dental implants, it’s important… Read more »

Enjoy the Benefits of Revolutionary Laser Dental Treatments With the Gemini 810 + 980 Diode Laser

Did you know that Dr. Anne Nicholas and her team of specialists can serve your dental needs with the state-of-the-art Gemini 810 + 980 Diode Laser, which constitutes the world’s first, dual-wavelength, soft tissue diode laser available in the United States? The Gemini 810 + 980 Diode Laser is simultaneously quite safe in the hands… Read more »

Implant Dentistry Can Be Life-Changing

Dr. Anne Nicholas and her team of specialists want you to feel confident in your appearance, even if you’ve lost some of your natural teeth. For many of our patients, implant dentistry can literally be life-changing because it enables patients to enjoy their favorite foods once again, and implant dentistry also provides the security that… Read more »

Wedding Season Is Here! Time to Enhance Your Smile!

Wedding season is a time of social gatherings, celebrations, and many pictures. You want to capture these memorable moments with the best and most beautiful smile possible, so you can feel confident about your appearance. Your wedding photos will last a lifetime, so it’s important to be proud of the way you look. Therefore, if… Read more »

Tips for Properly Caring for Your Dental Implant

Now that you have a dental implant, you can enjoy the functional, beautiful, and strong smile you deserve. But your dental implant will only give you a top-notch smile and oral health if you care for it properly. So, to help you take good care of your dental implant, we encourage you to observe the… Read more »

Prevention Techniques for Gum Recession

Gum recession is a common dental issue that can leave you feeling self-conscious about your smile. It involves your oral tissues moving away from your teeth and exposing some of the tooth root surface, making your teeth look much longer than normal. Gum recession can be a major issue because it not only takes the… Read more »

How Can I Have a Healthy Smile This Holiday Season?

If you want to have a strong and healthy smile this holiday season, then there are things you need to do in order to achieve that goal. However, those things aren’t as tough as you think they are. Your strong and healthy smile is only a few steps away. To help you have the oral… Read more »

Your Dental Insurance Benefits Will Expire Soon: Use It or Lose It!

At the Palm Desert Center for Advanced Periodontics, Cosmetic, Sedation and Implant Dentistry, our dedicated team is committed to providing all our patients with the quality care they deserve and your dental health is our No. 1 priority. For your information, the insurance coverage of the dental implant treatment depends on the individual’s policy. However,… Read more »